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Pursuit GE Turbo Hurricane P-47 Design A6M3 Design

Pilot's Operating Instructions for Pursuit

This document was produced during WWII and was intended for pilots transitioning into fighters. It has been reproduced with as few changes in layout as possible with HTML. The original table of contents has been replaced with a table of hyperlinks, rather than pointing to page numbers within sections. The original booklet is from Joe Mabee's collection. Randy Wilson

Prepared by Pursuit Pre-Flight Training
Fourth Operational Training Unit
Brownsville Army Air Base
Brownsville, Texas


The information contained herein has been compiled from Tech Orders and condensed for your use. The most important facts on each type aircraft have been included along with complete emergency procedures for each ship. Page 1 contains operational data which will apply to operation of the ships here at this field during your transition. Operational data concerning manifold pressure and RPM, contained under individual ships operating instructions, is quoted from Tech Orders and is included for your reference on future delivery flights after completion of the transition. It is the hope of Pre-Flight Transition that this will provide you with a source of information that will be handy to carry in your briefcase and convenient to use.

1st Lt. Air Corps
Director of Pre-Flight Training


Section I -- Power Settings
Allison, Packard Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney, Airspeeds
Section II -- Allison Starting Procedures
Starting, Stopping, Overpriming
Section III -- Curtiss Electric Propeller
Pre-flight prop check, Magneto check
Section IV -- Operating Instructions for P-39
How to fly the Bell Airacobra
Section V -- Operating Instructions for P-40N-20
How to fly the Curtiss Warhawk
Section VI -- Operating Instructions for P-47
How to fly the Republic Thunderbolt
Section VII -- Operating Instructions for P-51
How to fly the North American Mustang
Section VIII -- Operating Instructions for P-63
How to fly the Bell Kingcobra
Power Settings and Capacities
For various models of P-39, P-40, P-47, P-51 and P-63

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